meet our staff

Shevy Smith // //

personal slogan: make stuff every day...

hometown: Topanga, CA by way of Haven, KS and Nashville, TN

favorite song today: "Nest" - The Young Fathers

favorite song when you were 18: "It'll All Work Out" Tom Petty

songwriter who makes you want to write: Justin Vernon 

favorite songwriter: Liz Rose and Matraca Berg in a tie

favorite author: Didion

best lyric/line ever written: "most things I worry about never happen anyway" (Tom Petty- "Crawling Back To You")

best melody ever written: Shenandoah-the folk tune. It makes me cry everytime I hear it.

main muses: Patti Smith, Martha Gellhorn, Amelia Earhart, Wanda Coleman

goals: cause and facilitate lots of songs and poems

best advice for young writers: WRITE.  Swimmers have to spend time in the pool to get strong.  Writers must clock the hours.  Write when you are happy, sad, complacent, tired, energized, sorry, not sorry, and uninspired.  The muse finds you when it knows you want it badly enough.  Write.  Don't be concerned with the results up front.  You can always edit later...

Kendall Custer //

hometown: Boerne, TX

favorite song today: Coffee - Miguel or Eventually - Tame Impala

favorite song when you were 18: Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol

songwriter who makes you want to write: Lyrically, Tracy Chapman

favorite songwriter: Shevy Smith, Frank Ocean, Kanye

favorite author: Patti Smith (thanks to Shev's influence)

best lyric/line ever written:

Any part of Fast Car//

You got a fast car

I want a ticket to anywhere

Maybe we can make a deal

Maybe together we can get somewhere

best lyric/line you've ever written:   i will never rely on a high

i don't need an experimental life to make me rhyme

best melody ever written: Dancing On My Own by Robyn ALWAYS makes me sing a long. 

main muses: Tavi Gevinson, Kanye

blog you would recommend: Rookie Mag

best advice for young writers: don't try and fit any certain category when writing. just write what you want to write. adventures are good and can always be turned into a song.