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  • FP/AWWP Song Workshop

    On Saturday, March 1st, 20 students from the Forte Poesy program gathered in Topanga to participate in the FP/Afghan Women's Writing Project Song Workshop.  Our writers have been working individually on this project which has each one adapting a poem originally penned by an Afghan woman- essentially co-writing with someone whom they have never met yet shares a passion for writing and expression.  The workshop activities included sharing their own songs in various stages of completion and critical discussion of the poetry and environment which inspired the women of Afghanistan to pen such moving words.  The musicians then collectively chose a poem from the AWWP's compilation book "The Sky is a Nest of Swallows" and wrote a group song as a collaborative team of 23 writers.  The Song Workshop is one in a series of events to be hosted by the leadership team of FP and volunteers in preparation for "Night of Poetry and Song", an event in late May which will be a fundraiser for the admirable and important work of the Afghan Women's Writing Project.  click here to view photos from the event